The Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program, founded in 1998, is aptly named after Taylor Michaels, the inspiring Chief Operating Officer for Magic Johnson Enterprises who passed away during that year. Throughout her life, Taylor displayed an intense passion and commitment to youth development. For 14 years, MJF has carried her passion forward via our program.
Scholarship to provide support for deserving minority high school students who exemplify a strong potential for academic achievement but face social-economic conditions that hinder them from reaching their full potential. Must have strong community service involvement.

Scholarship Sponsor

Magic Johnson Enterprises

Award Type

$2,000-$5,000 Cash

Gender Eligibility


Other Requirements/Criteria

Geographic Criteria: USA
Criteria / Requirements:
• Must be an undergraduate student
• Must attend a university or a four-year college
• Minimum 2.5 GPA
• Restricted by race for Black, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander or American Indian/Alaska Native students
• Must currently be a high school student
• Must study full-time

Contact Information:

Contact Info – Phone #: 310-246-4400

Contact Info – URL: http://magicjohnson.com/foundation

Contact Info – Email:


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