The Vincentian Scholars Program is creating a new generation of local leaders.  It is an elite four-year scholarship program that forms leaders in the Vincentian tradition academically, practically and spiritually.  Each scholar accepted into the program not only maintains a high grade point average, but also develops the integrity and responsibility necessary to work side by side with local community leaders.  A central part of the scholars’ endeavor is dedicated to service and so they work closely with a variety of local service partners promoting education, health, law and advocacy for marginalized populations, and for the promotion of systemic change. Vincentian Scholars also apply their service experience academically for the greater good by collaborating with faculty on research. Throughout their time at Niagara University, the scholars are mentored in the way of St. Vincent de Paul to bring new light into the world.

Scholarship Sponsor

Niagra University

Award Type

$5,000 Cash

Gender Eligibility


Other Requirements/Criteria

Geographic Criteria: USA
Criteria / Requirements:

The Vincentian Scholars Program at Niagara University offers a $5,000 scholarship to four incoming freshmen. The scholarship is offered to students who have demonstrated proven interest in service during their high school years, and who desire to do advanced and reflective service for Niagara University and its surrounding areas during their four years of matriculation.

Contact Information:

Contact Info – Phone #: 800-462-2111

Contact Info – URL:

Contact Info – Email: [email protected]


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