The President’s Award Program (PAP) assists the University of Illinois to enroll highly capable students who have been admitted to one of the U of I campuses and are members of historically underrepresented groups and groups that have been less likely to enroll at the University. High achieving newly-admitted freshmen from several underrepresented groups are considered for the PAP award.

Scholarship Sponsor

University of Illinois System

Award Type

$5,000 Cash

Gender Eligibility


Other Requirements/Criteria

Geographic Criteria: Illinois
Criteria / Requirements:To be eligible for consideration, students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, be Illinois residents, and have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement while graduating from an Illinois high school. In addition, these students must have an ACT composite score of 25 or higher or a combined verbal and quantitative SAT score of 1220 or higher. A limited number of students with lower ACT or SAT scores may also be considered depending on their overall record of academic achievement. During school, a 2.0 GPA is required.
Students from any of the following underrepresented groups at the University of Illinois are eligible for consideration for the PAP award:
• Students who are members of one of the underrepresented racial/ethnic groups at the University of Illinois (African American, Latino, or Native American; Latino is based on origins from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, or Central or South America);
• Students from underrepresented Illinois counties, with underrepresented defined as counties sending an average of two or fewer students per academic year to the University of Illinois in the past five-year period;
• High achieving dependent students whose families are at or below the poverty level and are not expected to contribute to the cost of their education, as verified through FAFSA and financial aid application processes.

Contact Information:

Contact Info – Phone #: 217-333-3079

Contact Info – URL: https://www.vpaa.uillinois.edu/academic_affairs_programs/pap

Contact Info – Email: [email protected]


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